Badger State Beaters | 199ride’s Seven Typical Wisconsin Cars and Trucks

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The people at 199ride know a thing or two about the kinds of cars and trucks Wisconsinites drive. They put people from cities like Green Bay, Appleton, La Crosse, Antigo, and Wausau in nicer, newer vehicles every day.

That means 199ride has also seen its fair share of high-mileage trade-ins. You’ve no doubt noticed one or more of these cars and trucks chugging along Interstate 43 or heading north on State Highway 51 … but do you see yourself as any of these types of Wisconsin drivers?

Here’s what 199ride says are some classic examples of Badger State beaters.

1. The Deer Hunter’s Junker

When you start noticing large antlered animals strapped to trucks around Wisconsin, you know exactly what time of year it is. It’s deer hunting season, a time-honored tradition during which family and friends head to the woods looking for that elusive buck.

Pickup truck beds filled with carcasses lead to freezers filled with venison. However, there are some trucks on the road that have long-since fulfilled their duty as the vehicular member of your hunting party.

The Deer Hunter’s Junker isn’t the most reliable, and you don’t want to find yourself stranded in the Northwoods when you’re supposed to be home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, imagine rolling into deer camp with a bad-ass truck that can tear through rough terrain, has plenty of room for storing your gear, and even has seat warmers for the ride back.

2. The Packer Backer Jalopy

Packer Backer Jalopy
Photo Courtesy: AP/Jeffrey Phelps, Newsday

It is proudly painted green and gold, a flag with the legendary “G” waves in the wind, and Green Bay Packers bumper stickers proclaim the driver’s loyalty. This is the car of a diehard fan.

But … this car hasn’t been new since Lynn Dickey was the Packers’ starting quarterback. As Brett Favre found out the hard way, there comes a time when one must retire. And, for this driver, it might be time to induct the old Packer Backer into the junk yard hall of fame and deck out a new vehicle.

It can be hard to let go of a fan favorite, but a good coach and GM know when it’s time to look for fresh talent. The same can be said about what’s parked in your garage.

3. The Tired Tailgater

wisconsin tailgater vehicle

A close cousin to the Packer Backer is a car that has not only been parked outside of Lambeau Field, it’s also spent time at both County Stadium and Miller Park to see the Milwaukee Brewers play ball. It’s visited Camp Randall to watch the Wisconsin Badgers, and it’s even been on a few road trips for away games.

The Tired Tailgater has not only transported dedicated Wisconsin sports fans, it has also brought along coolers full of bratwurst, Smokey Joe® Weber Grills, plenty of lawn chairs, and a well-worn cornhole set.

After all those sporting events, it has a smell of stale Miller High Life and sauerkraut, there are ketchup stains on the backseat, and a huge scratch from where we can only assume an angry Chicago Bears fan took out some frustration with his keys.

4. The Wisconsin Winter Survivor

If you think you get sick of the long Wisconsin winter, just imagine how your car feels. All that snow and ice, nasty slush, and dirty road salt certainly take their toll.

Many of us are guilty of leaving our vehicles looking a bit grimy by the time the spring thaw finally sets in. There are, however, some car owners who take it to the point of neglect. You know the ones, they’re just begging for someone to write “Wash Me” on the rear window.

But, even after the snow tires are off and the car gets a full-service treatment at PDQ, it still looks like it has been through hell and back. Winter is rough on cars in Wisconsin. Wouldn’t it feel great to start the spring with a ride that matched the refreshing feeling of temperatures in the upper 40s? You know … shorts weather!

5. The Fisherman’s Rusted Rig

Wisconsin fisherman truck

Wisconsin anglers may be more likely to treat their boat like their baby, while overlooking their trucks. They’ll lovingly wipe her down after each fishing trip, making sure there are no zebra mussels attached to the hull. They’ll inspect her body for damage, clean up the upholstery, and perform maintenance checks on the outboard motor.

But, you can’t get your boat to the lake without something to haul it!

You’re going to want a truck with the torque to pull that boat through rough, rustic road conditions and off-road terrain so you can get to that secret spot where the fish are always biting.

Plus, new technology like Blind Spot Information Systems (BLIS) and lane departure warning systems help protect your boat when it’s out of the water and on the road.

 6. The Sconnie Soccer Mom’s Minivan

Wisconsin soccer mom

Wisconsinites make the most of the summer season. We get a lot done in the few months when the weather is warm. That’s certainly true of Wisconsin parents who stay busy taxiing kids to Little League, soccer games, swimming lessons, summer camp, and trips to the beach.

A trusty family minivan certainly does the job, but after several years of backseat snacking, cup holders full of spilled juice, and vandalism by crayon, it may be time for an upgrade.

A new family vehicle can come with some beneficial amenities and fun features. Keep the youngsters entertained (and quiet) on long family road trips with a DVD player, satellite radio, or streaming services like Pandora and Spotify in the car.

Newer family-friendly cars, minivans, and SUVs will also come with improved safety features. So, you’ll have more peace of mind as you cart those kids around. If you’ve got to drive a grocery-getter, get a better grocery-getter! Check out 199ride’s guide to family friendly vehicles.

7. The Modest Midwesterner

badger state beater modest midwesterner

Some folks in the upper Midwest don’t like to draw attention to themselves. They prefer not to be too flashy and don’t want to look like they spent a lot of money on their car. Their boring, beige ride has been well-maintained and passed the 150,000-mile mark years ago.

But, this workhorse has paid its dues, and it’s ready to be put out to pasture.

There’s nothing wrong with conservative style, but maybe it’s time for something with both personality and reliability. Life is too short not to have some fun. Why not look for a car that can bring a little excitement to everyday life in Wisconsin? After all those years of being responsible … you deserve it!

Do You Deserve a Nicer, Newer Vehicle?

199ride calls itself a “Dealer for the People” because it helps Wisconsinites find ways to get into the kind of car, truck, or SUV they really want. There’s no reason to be stuck in a car you aren’t in love with. 199ride is on a mission to “put dreams in driveways,” allowing people like you find a vehicle that solves your problems and that you’ll be proud to drive. The dealership also helps Wisconsin drivers get approved for financing with little or no money down.

Get a Nicer, Newer™, Worry-Free used car from one of 199ride’s five Wisconsin dealerships: Green BayAppletonWausauAntigo, and La Crosse. Check out our extensive used car inventory to find the perfect vehicle to help you break free from the less-than-impressive Sconnie stereotypes.

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