A Life and Career of Storytelling

Here’s My Story. Let’s Tell Yours.

I’ve been lucky enough to do the same things I did in childhood throughout my career (just with fewer Legos). I come up with ideas and make stuff. As a kid, it was a bunch of short-lived businesses, imaginary worlds, goofy recordings, and harebrained schemes that sometimes got me into trouble.

As a professional, I’ve produced newscasts and late night TV, had a brief stint in radio, wrote for a newspaper, worked in eCommerce marketing, launched a few of my own websites, and held the role of content marketing director for a full-service digital agency. I also still get into trouble … sometimes.

I don’t mind working alone, but I love collaborating on team projects to harness the talents of multiple people and create something incredible. I want to work with passionate experts, innovative startups, purpose-driven organization, and anyone with a good idea and a story to tell. Is that you?

Content, Copy & More

Read articles, eBooks, and copy I’ve written. Check out videos I’ve helped produce, webinars I’ve hosted, and other projects.

Marketing Strategy

Find out more about how I approach digital marketing through articles I’ve written explaining my thought process and preferred tactics.

Personal Projects

Check out some of the side projects I’ve launched over the years. Some failed. Some succeeded. Some are TBD.

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“His ability to create a cohesive, multi-faceted campaign out of a single idea is inspiring to watch in action. I greatly enjoy working with him.”

Marcus Sanford, Sanford Consulting

“Kasey’s a top-notch blogger, copywriter and fact checker. His keen attention to detail, good humor and collegiality make him an ideal teammate!”

Janice Conard, Graphics Coordinator