OneNeck IT Solutions: Cybersecurity & Multi Cloud Videos

In 2019, OneNeck IT was looking to raise awareness around two of their core services: outsourced cybersecurity and multi-cloud solutions for large companies. While working with Element, I produced two videos with the company.

These videos highlight subject matter expertise within the company and outlined the risks and opportunities for organizations that fail to pay close attention to security risks in the changing technology landscape.

My role in these productions:

  • Developed concept with client and account exec
  • Help pre-shoot calls with company experts to develop an outline
  • Conducted all interviews during the video shoot
  • Scouted locations and acted as a grip during shooting
  • Created an outline of soundbites for the first cut
  • Advised post production

Videography and post production: Anders Goderstad

Improve Cybersecurity with a Virtual CISO

Exploring Opportunities and Challenges in a Multi-Cloud World

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