How to Create a Compelling About Page for Your Website

How to Create a Compelling About Page for Your Website

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We’ve all been in situations where we have to introduce ourselves to someone new — at a party, a networking event, a job interview or even a first date.

You don’t want to sound boring, but you don’t want to be braggadocious either! You want the people listening to feel a certain way. Will they find you interesting? Will they believe you? Will they relate to your story?

On your website, the About page is the online version of that important introduction. After your website’s homepage, it has the most influence on the initial opinions people form about you or your business. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so what should you put on that page?

Here’s some actionable advice for writing and designing an About page that resonates with the people you want to reach:

How to build trust

“Who are you, and can I trust you?” Those will be among the first questions visitors to your About page have. Whether you’re selling yourself, your ideas, or products and services, people need to know why they should respect, rely on, and do business with you.

Establishing trust is especially important for freelancers, consultants, and new entrepreneurs, who must convince visitors they have the experience and expertise required for the job.

For example, Australian landscape designer, Peter Bachack of Osmosis, provides career highlights on the About page of his website, Bachack brings up the caliber of clients he works with, explains his vision, shares his design philosophy, and mentions some relevant personal interests.

None of it is fluff. Each line has a purpose. This About page copy shows Bachack has passion and expertise and that Osmosis is somewhere to turn to for outstanding exterior design.

The information on your About page could be similar—but the way you establish trust depends on your audience and your business type.

About pages for eCommerce websites often highlight a commitment to quality or a satisfaction guarantee. Local businesses show their connection to the surrounding community. Bloggers and independent publishers explain their credentials and life experiences that qualify them to write on specific topics.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you were reading your own About page, what would you want to hear? How can you calm the concerns of people who want to know they can trust you?

Tell your story: Go beyond the resumé

Every About page should tell a story. But, telling a compelling story is easier said than done.

You don’t want to be the person at the party who drolls on and on about themselves while the people listening try to think of a reason to sneak away. You want to captivate readers on your About page, so avoid simply listing your accomplishments.

The couple behind the snack subscription box website, Universal Yums, uses their About page to tell a relatable story about their journey to become business owners.

The text is short and sweet. In just a few paragraphs, we learn how the couple started dating, found a shared interested in world travel, escaped their corporate jobs, and used their savings to launch an eCommerce website for curious snackers.

Don’t underestimate the power of storytelling. On an About page, stories create an emotional connection with your readers, convincing them that you’re the right choice.

The Universal Yums About page also brings the customer into the story. There’s a call-to-action at the end inviting you to join them and start an international adventure by trying snacks from around the world.

You can find out more about Universal Yums on WordPress Discover.

Design an effective About page experience

The About page experience can be much more than a headshot and text.

An excellent example of this is the About Page for, a WordPress website for photographers featuring training and tutorials. PHLearn showcases its mission, values, and people — and it does so with aesthetically pleasing visuals and typography — all things that matter to its core audience.

Visitors to this page immediately understand what PHLearn does. A collection of colorful factoids displays proof points (600+ tutorials and customers in 149 countries) as well as personality (the team is obsessed with salt lamps and has hammocks in the office).

A list of PHLearn’s values builds trust as it shows the company’s commitment to meeting subscribers’ needs and treating people with respect. A section featuring unique portraits of the team adds a human element while simultaneously revealing each members’ photographic style.

Finally, an FAQ section at the bottom of the About page addresses common questions while still managing to have a little fun. It’s all intended to produce a sense of familiarity and comfort, leading photographers to explore the content and subscribe.

The CEO of PHLEARN provides more insights about the business on WordPress Discover.

What will you do with your About page?

As you plan to tell your story and publish an About page, take the time to create something compelling. When you build a website with, you’ll have all the tools and support you need.

Want to add a collection of photos to your About page? Every plan includes the ability to assemble attractive tiled galleries. Show off your facility, your employees, or your best work.

Want to add a video? Enjoy the benefits of VideoPress starting with the Premium Plan. Host and embed video content on your website without using YouTube or Vimeo.

Take the design of your website’s About page even further using advanced customizations available with select plans. And, do it all with minimal coding experience using the intuitive WordPress block editor to build an About page. Check out plans and pricing and get started today.

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