Ned the Dead: Chiller Theater Presents

Ned the Dead & Doc of Green Bay, Wisconsin television's Chiller ...

While co-producing the extremely irreverent, local, late-night, movie of the week program, The Ned the Dead Show (formerly Chiller Theater with Ned the Dead), I helped developed a new segment for the show using public domain footage. We called it “Chiller Theater Presents.”

We took public domain clips from, including the Prelinger Collection, mashed them up, added VO, music, sound effects, and re-edited them to be full of fart jokes and political incorrectness. These were produced between 2006 and 2008, and could easily ruin my professional reputation.

But I’m sharing them anyways! Please enjoy a few of the horrible little gems I’ve worked on:
(I can’t believe we actually aired these on television)

Chiller Theater Presents – Behind the Scenes with Ned the Dead

Chiller Theater Presents – A Tribute to Dairy

Chiller Theater Presents: Tomorrow’s Drivers (Ned’s Deadly Driving School)

Chiller Theater Presents: Surviving an Attack

Chiller Theater Presents: Bus Nut

Chiller Theater Presents: Don’t Be a Monkey

Chiller Theater Presents: Up in Smoke

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