Natural Healthy Concepts Videos

Client: NHC
YouTube channel

Natural Healthy Concepts (rebranded is a major eCommerce store selling vitamins, supplements, and other health products. They also run a brick-and-mortar retail store in Appleton, Wisconsin.

I worked their for a few years as a content strategist and copywriter. My wife still works on the NHC marketing team as a graphic artist. In addition to writing, I also produced, shot, and edited a handful of videos. That included an About US video for the retail store, a video on Lyme disease, and a series of tip videos. Check out some samples below:

The Natural Healthy Concepts Story

Natural Healthy Concepts Store Video

Living with Lyme Disease

Wellness Wisdom – Easy Homemade Egg Substitute

Wellness Wisdom – Fennel Seeds & Farts (Natural Gas Relief)

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