Route 66 Personal Checks

The Main Street of America

Copywriting sample Kasey Steinbrinck - Check AdvantagePay tribute to the most famous roadway in the United States with these cool personal checks from Check Advantage!

Route 66 originally ran from Chicago, Illinois all the way to Los Angeles, California. Countless dreamers would travel the scenic route carrying with them the hope of a better life out west.

The real Route 66 was removed from the list of U.S. highways more than 25 years ago as the interstate system slowly made it obsolete. But the so-called “Mother Road” has a rich history that lives on.

Get your kicks with Route 66 Personal Checks from Check Advantage! Each design features a different vintage vehicle. They’re the kind of cars you would have taken on a road trip to Hollywood during this storied roadway’s heyday!

These unique retro checks will remind you that life is a highway, and you’re the driver!

Order your own Route 66 Personal Checks right now!

Get them today for as low as $10.95 for singles or $13.95 for duplicate checks.

Ordering your personal checks from Check Advantage is easy!

Just follow the step by step instructions below, fill in the necessary information, and then choose the number of checks you need by clicking on the price chart at the bottom of the page.

It’s okay if you have questions. Don’t be afraid to call us at 1-888-657-9758 for a little help.

View the original Route 66 Personal Checks product page.

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